The cognitive meeting and child observation

An exercise in aptitude and talent

Why the cognitive meeting

Not only selection, but above all the identification of talents and an assessment of the compatibility between the vision of the Collegio and that of the family.

The cognitive meeting and child observation

Each child must participate in a short meeting with the educational coordinator of the Collegio San Carlo Nursery School before receiving authorization to enroll. For the 2021/2022 school year, meetings and observations will take place online on the Microsoft Teams platform during the interview with parents. In this regard, a PC/laptop with internet access, active camera and audio is required: the use of tablets and/or smartphones is not expected.

The level of English required

For access to the nursery school and the nursery section, no level of English is required. For the subsequent transition to Primary School, however, the following requirements must be met: Completion of the three-year nursery school program at Collegio San Carlo or coming from an international/bilingual nursery school; Presence in the family of one of the two native English speaking parents; Single English speaking parents with the child’s understanding of the Italian language.

After the test

How are the results communicated?

At the end of the admission procedure, the Rector of the College, together with the Management, authorizes enrollment in the nursery or nursery school. Confirmation of acceptance will be communicated via email from the Admissions Office and via the admission portal. No telephone information will be given.

What can be done if you fail the tests?

Unauthorized candidates, if all available places have been assigned, will be placed on the waiting list which takes into account the authorization and online registration times of the application. If available, families will be contacted by the Admissions Office

Tuition and fees

On the day following your participation in the Open Day, you will receive by email the overall tuition plan, indicating the one-time contribution expected when you first enrolled at San Carlo College.

Frequently Asked Questions

Priority for enrollment is given to brothers/sisters of alumni/interns of the College and sons/daughters of alumni/sisters of alumnae as long as the application registration deadlines are met and following the completion of the admission process, enrollment is done within the deadline.
A balance between the number of males and the number of females within each section will be assessed. For intermediate classes (4-year and 5-year sections), seat availability will be assessed following the withdrawal of current enrollees.
Enrollment authorization will be reserved with right of first refusal within the next five working days. Those who have not finalized their registration by the deadline will lose their right of preemption and will be placed on a waiting list.