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Educating oneself means opening up to life, recognizing one’s talents, discovering one’s calling and learning to give

Collegio San Carlo is an educational community that has roots in the great educational tradition of the Ambrosian Church

L’attività pastorale

Il titolo di “arcivescovile” definisce una realtà e costituisce un impegno. Il Collegio San Carlo è espressione della Chiesa di Milano e trova nell’Arcivescovo e nel suo magistero il riferimento più diretto.

Per coordinare le azioni dell’attività pastorale, il Collegio San Carlo ha dato vita a una Equipe di cui fanno parte il Rettore, i Vice Rettori, gli insegnanti di religione, i sacerdoti presenti in Collegio e altri docenti collaboratori.

Christian life at school: an educational method that promotes culture, solidarity and the community

Even during the earliest year, children participate in moments of spiritual animation.

In the Primary School, in addition to the teaching of the Catholic religion, children can participate in the preparation for initiation into Christian life, which culminates in the celebration of the sacraments (Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation).

Guidance and education in Christian life continues for children of different age groups, also in Middle and High School.

Important moments of guidance occur when students make their first decisions, for example the choice of diploma program or university, and consequently what their profession will be.


Celebration of the Sacraments

The free decision to participate in the process of initiation into Christian life culminates with the celebration of the Sacraments:

  • First Confession in fourth grade
  • First Communion in fourth grade
  • Confirmation in fifth grade


Important appointments during the year: liturgical high points

  • Holy Mass for the classes at the start of the year
  • Holy Mass in memory of San Carlo Borromeo, celebrated in the Duomo of Milan, with the entire Collegio community in attendance
  • Periods of Advent and Lent in preparation for Christmas and Easter (also including moments celebrating the Sacrament of the Reconciliation)
  • Holy Mass at the end of the school year

Welcoming the new students to the High School: the start-up of the school year

A week spent together, before school opens, in which to experience new relationships and new exchanges, together with the adults and teachers they will come to know during their years as high school students.

These days provide an opportunity to reflect on the activity of studying as an exercise in faith, resilience, exchange and dialogue with the initial evaluations, consciousness of one’s limits and one’s fear, amazement and surprise.

Interculturality as a different idea of globalism

The Pastoral team also collaborates with the class councils in finding destinations for school trips that will provide an instructive experience and also be reciprocally suitable.

Interculturality is a different way of looking at globalization, with the world, with its different cultural and religious traditions and its different political systems and institutions, seen as the place where one can fully develop one’s talents and experience an intelligent and effective form of charity.

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