Didactic process

A school that accompanies boys and girls in the adventure of learning and the discovery of their talents.

Scuola primaria

6 - 11 anni

Scuola secondaria 1°

11 - 14 anni


14 - 19 anni

IB Diploma Programme

16 - 18 anni

Scuola dell’infanzia

2 - 6 anni

At Collegio San Carlo, the learning path begins in preschool, where the foundations are laid for an intercultural and multilingual approach, stimulating individual and social development and providing an initial contact with digital innovations.

The first experiences. The first social relationships. The first steps in the outside world.

Safe inside specially designed spaces, the children are always supervised by two teachers, a native Italian-speaker and a native English-speaker, as well as 4 assistants, for a child/teacher ratio of 10 to 1. Ours is not a standard method school: we have founded the “San Carlo Multicultural Method”.

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Scuola primaria

6 - 11 anni

The Primary School is where the foundations are laid and the multilingual and cross-cultural approach is consolidated. Intercultural, digital tools are used to favor learning, the children are stimulated to cultivate their curiosity and strengthen their reasoning, and attention is also paid to the development of social and spiritual aspects and a growing sense of autonomy as middle school approaches.

Relations and environments for growth

Primary teachers are mostly Italian, co-teachers are native English-speakers, specialists in individual subjects and the arts: professional educators, quality spaces and effective tools provide a fertile environment that favors social and intellectual growth

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Scuola secondaria di 1°

11 - 14 anni

Maintaining continuity with the Primary School, knowledge and skills are sharpened in view of the choice of high school curriculum, supporting and assisting the students along a learning path of discovery and identity formation.

With an analytical mindset towards higher learning

Learning experiences, international exchange programs and a community-oriented approach, with the constant support of teachers and instructors who help students discover the world and their talents.

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14 - 19 anni

Four diploma programs, different yet comprehensive: Intercultural Letters, Intercultural Sciences, Social Sciences and International Intercultural High School (four year program)

With an open mind, profound intelligence and a caring heart

Four or five years for a personalized learning path that enhances talents, supports personal diversities and promotes excellence.

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IB Diploma Programme

16 - 18 anni

Improve your sense of preparedness, self-confidence, research skills and their ability to manage time, through your tailor-made educational path

The last two years

A highly personalised IB Diploma Programme experience in the heart of Milano. The Diploma Programme (DP) is a curriculum framework designed by the International Baccalaureate (IB) for students in the last two years of high school.

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Our students attend the best universities in Italy and the world

The orientation program and the international network of partners allow the Collegio to provide students with a competitive skill set, preparing them for even the most difficult admissions tests.

Grade Equivalents

For those applying to join the educational community at Collegio San Carlo from a foreign country

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Innovation, new technologies, cutting edge methods and projects

We utilize innovative tools as part of thoroughly digitalized teaching approach, focused on STEM, logic, robotics and coding, from the earliest years

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Excellent performance in English and in Italian, from the very first years

We teach English and Italian starting in infancy. Since 2019 we have become a "Cambridge School", allowing us to offer IGCSE certified courses in English as part of our regular curriculum.

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