Founded 1869

From 1869

The first years and the first results

Palazzo Busca-Arconati-Visconti is purchased in 1869 and the Collegio is founded.

A “special” alumnus graduates in 1874-75: Achille Ratti, who later became Pope Pious XI.

In 1886, Don Bosco visits the Collegio. A woman introduces her deaf daughter to him, and after the Saint speaks to her, she is healed.


The First World War and support for the country

Under the guidance of Mons. Ceresani, the Collegio becomes a military hospital, treating the wounded of the First World War.


1939 - 1945

The Second World War and support for the neediest

The Collegio becomes the clandestine headquarters of OSCAR, an organization that protects and helps Jews wanted by the regime to leave the country

1950 - 1970

From the post-war years to the 1970s: a time of renewal and recognition

In 1965, the President of the Republic awards the Gold Medal to the school.

From 1955 to 1970, the Collegio goes through an important renovation, in both didactics and spaces, thanks to two Deans: Antonio Fustella and Mario Alberti.

The old interior structure is closed, in favor of one more in step with the times.

1980 - 2000

Century’s end and the drive towards modernity

The Collegio begins to admit girls in 1985.

The new San Carlo Sports Center is inaugurated in 1995. In the same year, the Collegio receives the Gold Medal for Civic Merit from the City of Milan.

Another Gold Medal is awarded by the Milan Chamber of Commerce in 1999.

2000 - oggi

Consolidation and expansion mark the 2000s

The Collegio Chapel, which features six stained glass windows realized by Don Domenico Sguaitamatti, is inaugurated in 2003.

Work on the library, which dates back to the sixteenth century and boasts many important volumes as well as the latest technology, is completed in 2009.

The Collegio continues to inaugurate new and innovative spaces: teaching laboratories (2017), areas dedicated to didactics and meetings (2017) and multipurpose and artistic spaces, like the DAMA (2019).

Illustrious alumni of our Collegio

Achille Ratti – Pope Pius XI

Beato Ludovico Necchi



Our Deans

Giambattista Compagnoni 1869-1871

Giuseppe Bordoni 1871-1874

Elia Bellini 1874-1885

Rodolfo Maria Marimonti 1885-1893

Francesco Balconi 1893-1901

Luigi Grasselli 1901-1909

Cesare Cerasani 1909-1915

Francesco Petazzi 1915-1926

Angelo Cattaneo 1926-1935

Ludovico Gianazza 1935-1955

Antonio Fustella 1955-1960

Mario Alberti 1960-1970

Leonardo Macchi 1970-1985

Giovanni Balconi 1985-1990

Aldo Geranzani 1990 – 2017

Alberto Torriani 2017

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