Intercultural Letters

14-19 yrs. old

max 25 students per class
1 foreign language in the standard curriculum + 1 optional
Hrs.: Mon-Fri 8 am. to 2 p.m.

Intercultural Sciences

14-19 yrs. old

max 25 students per class
1 foreign language in the standard curriculum + 1 optional
Hrs.: Mon-Fri 8 am. to 2 p.m.

Social Sciences

14-19 yrs. old

max 25 students per class
2 foreign languages in the standard curriculum
Hrs.: Mon-Fri 8 am. to 2 p.m.

International Intercultural Diploma Program (4 years)

14-18 yrs. old

max 25 students per class
2 lingue curriculari + 1 facoltativa
Hrs.: Mon-Fri 8 am. to 2 p.m.

Four specialized diploma programs in preparation for the best Italian and foreign universities

The High School follows the learning plan developed in the previous levels, in accordance with national guidelines and the regulations in force.
In the curricular and extra-curricular activities of all the diploma programs, special attention is paid to the development of an intercultural and international dimension, and a clear and appropriate career decision in order to make an informed choice of university, in Italy or abroad.

The educational goals


Humanities and ethical and economic development


Solid cultural foundations and multilingual skills


Orientation towards experimentation, creativity


Capacity to network with different realities and cultures

Liceo Classico Interculturale: alle origini della cultura italiana

With a distinctly multicultural approach and maximum attention also devoted to the principal scientific subjects, the Intercultural Letters Diploma Program provides the foundations for any university or professional career path that requires an arts and letters education open to international horizons and competences.

The curriculum, through the teaching of a study methods, develops students’ ability to understand and empathize with the diversities of different social, cultural and religious identities, thanks to a constant comparison with classic culture and the acquired language skills.

Intercultural Science Diploma Program: science as the “world’s language”

La specificità del Liceo Scientifico Interculturale nasce dalla consapevolezza di offrire una solida base formativa indispensabile ad interpretare il mondo globalizzato. Un percorso attraverso tutte le discipline scientifiche e le attività di laboratorio – dalla matematica alla chimica, alla biologia – integrato da una formazione umanistica e linguistica indispensabile a definire le finalità e gli scopi della scienza.

Liceo delle Scienze Umane: nel cuore dell'uomo

Today’s society seen from the perspective of the social sciences (economics, anthropology, sociology, psychology) and language studies make this diploma program a modern course of study, designed to capture the rapid changes in human behavior and society in general.



International Intercultural Diploma Program (4 years): on the world’s doorstep

The objective of the International Intercultural Diploma Program is to harmonize the notions and values of classical culture with a solid scientific basis and a capacity to interact with different cultures in a global context.

The four-year plan, thanks to an innovative methodological and didactic approach, in line with the leading European and international scholastic curricula, qualifies graduates for immediate application to Italian and foreign universities.



Programma Doppio Diploma per diplomarsi anche presso la Mater Academy High School di Miami

A program available to all Diploma courses offers the opportunity to earn a U.S. high school diploma (Mater Academy). There are 6 courses, to be followed on an online platform during the afternoon.

The program is offered in parallel with regular curricular activities, in 2, 3 or 4 years.

During the summer months, lessons can be attended in person at the High School of Miami (Florida, USA).

Textbooks a.s. 2021/2022

A specialized and continuously updated staff


A Literature teacher since 1996, the year in which she joined Collegio San Carlo. From 2010 to 2017, first ViceHeadmaster and then Headmaster of the Social Sciences Diploma Program. In 2017 she became Headmaster of all the Collegio’s Diploma Programs.

Deputy Headmaster

A Science teacher since 2002, the year in which he joined Collegio San Carlo.

Deputy Headmaster


Deputy Dean

A teacher of English literature and language since 1985. Since 2016 he has been on the faculty at Collegio San Carlo, not only with the title of Deputy Dean, but as Leader of the Pastoral Team.