Safety and quality

A strategic choice for ongoing improvement

Studying safely means learning better

Safety as in vigilance

With alert eyes

An integrated system with qualified personnel and technological tools for surveillance and the security of the entire community.

Medical safety

The nursing station

Totally renovated in September 2020, the center has four equipped examination rooms and is continuously staffed with nurses and doctors at the service of students and staff.

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)

To be used in emergencies, by qualified personnel

Cleaning and housekeeping

Performed with maximum diligence, including specific actions like disinfection.

Safe spaces


Free access: the entire school is accessible to the differently able, with special features reserved for them.



Spaces designed specifically for small children

The spaces, especially those dedicated to the smallest children, meet stringent safety standards, in both layout and systems.

Food safety

The cafeteria and nutritional education

The quality, efficiency and cleanliness of the food service is checked on a weekly basis, both by the caterers who manage the service and by parents and school administrators.

Environmental safety

Purified air

Spurred by the pandemic, the Collegio installed an integrated system of air purification, using both internal and external equipment, that guarantees high quality air, free of polluting substances and bacteriolgical and viral organisms.

The Collegio is "Smoking Free"

Smoking is prohibited in all of the Collegio’s grounds, including outdoors.

UNI EN 9001:2015 Quality Certification

The EN 9001:2015 Quality Certification is recognized by the European Community. It calls for the analysis and application of elevated quality standards relative to the activities and processes concerning the environment, safety and social ethics. The Collegio is committed to maintaining the certification over time, and counts on the collaboration of all its faculty and staff and the constant control of the identified parameters.


Application of Leg. Decree 231/2001

Our Collegio has always striven to continue to improve, developing our activities harmoniously and ethically.
Over the years, this had led to the adoption of various management models, in order to allow the Collegio to act in accordance with the regulations in force and increase overall efficiency.
In particular, COLLEGIO SAN CARLO S.r.l. Impresa Sociale has drawn up and applied a Model of Organization and Control (MOC) designed to prevent some crimes, as specified in Leg. Decree 231/2001. This is evidence of the desire to manifest to all the subjects that operate with the Collegio our total commitment to compliance with the norms and the rigorous ethics that pervade every phase of our activities.
The application of this model involves the adoption of some behavioral and managerial practices, whose spirit is outlined in our Code of Ethics.