The Admissions process

5 steps to join the Collegio San Carlo community

How to enroll


Apply on the admission platform

From June 30th 2023 at 12.00 onwards

What do I need to do?

  • Log in and register on the admission portal
  • Fill out the form with your personal information (as instructed below)
  • Check if you have received a confirmation email


What information/documents should I provide?

  • Parents’ personal information
  • Candidate’s personal information
  • Candidate’s recent ID photo
  • School of origin




Open Day

Starting from September 25 2023 onwards

What do I need to do?

  • Log in to the admission portal to which you have previously registered
  • Register for the Open Day via the portal link
  • Check if you have received an email confirming your Open Day registration
  • Attend the Open Day


What information should I provide?

  • None at this time



Admission Testing

From mid-October 2023 onwards

What do I need to do?

  • Connect to the admission portal
  • Fill out the form and upload the required documents. These documents will be validated and you will receive a confirmation email
  • Register the applicant for the test through the same portal
  • Make the payment for the admission test via credit card. You will receive an email confirmation of successful test enrollment.
  • Take the admission test

What information/documents should I provide?

  • IB Application form
  • Personal Statement
  • Most recent school report
  • Documented learning disabilities certifications
  • Any language certifications/sports certifications



Family Interview

From mid-October 2023 onwards

What do I need to do?

  • You will be offered a date to return the test results, which often coincides with the interview with the Dean and IB Coordinator, in the presence of the Admission Officer.
  • Take part in the interview. Student attendance is mandatory.


What information should I provide?

  • None at this time


From the beginning of November 2023 onwards

What do I need to do?

  • Formalize enrollment by completing the required forms (see below)
  • Make online payment of the registration fee (credit card, ApplePay, MicroSSD) within 5 days of notification of admission


What information should I provide?

  • School fee payment form
  • Enrollment form
  • Privacy Policy
  • Mailing address


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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to ensure a better organization, Open Days are reserved to families who have requested participation by registering on the Admissions Portal. The day before the meeting, parents will receive a reminder.
Eventually in-person tours will be organized. During Open Day, we will show videos that will allow you to virtually visit the indoor and outdoor spaces dedicated to teaching, science and technology laboratories, the gyms, the cafeteria , the infirmary, the administrative and secretarial offices.
After Open Day you will receive an email with the tuition plan indicating the one-time contribution fee expected upon initial enrollment to Collegio San Carlo
The admission test sessions will be held in hybrid form, i.e., in-person if possible or online on the Microsoft Teams platform
After attending Open Day you must upload the following documents on the Admission Platform:
-Completed IB Application Form and Personal Statement;
-Copy of the last available end-of-year report card;
-Copy of the most recent school evaluation document issued for the current school year (when applicable).

If the pre-requisites for enrollment to the test have been positively evaluated, you will receive an email with notification of the test dates.
The candidate will take the tests under the supervision of the Admissions Officer. Candidates will be allowed a short break and will be engaged for approximately two hours. Candidates will be required to take three tests:
-A CEM (Cambridge Evaluation and Monitoring Centre) cognitive test covering three areas: English Language,
Mathematics and Spatial Logic (duration 45 minutes);
-A Writing test - you will be asked to write a short essay with a choice of two titles (duration 45 minutes);
-The Interview with the Admissions Team (duration 20 minutes) is usually on the same day, but not necessarily at the same time as the other tests
There is no specific preparation. The objective of the test is to assess the candidates’ skills in various areas and their motivation / suitability to attend the IB Diploma Programme.
As it involves several professionals, the cost is 110.00 euros for the students of the Collegio and 220.00 euros for external students.
The payment must be made online via the Admission Platform. The payment is an essential condition to access the test.
Within 10 days from the test, via an online meeting scheduled with the Admission Officer and the IBDP Principal, the outcome of the observations will be given to the student and his/her parents. The tests results will be commented during the interview and cannot be duplicated or forwarded to the family.
In case of acceptance of the application, once the availability of places has been assessed, you will receive an email authorizing your enrollment. Digitally, through the portal, you will be asked to fill out the required forms, to pay the one-time fee for first registration exclusively via online payment. This fee will not be refundable in case of withdrawal.
Priority enrollment is given to brothers/sisters of internal students of Collegio and to sons/daughters of former students, provided that the application registration procedure has been respected and
that, following the conclusion of the admission process and after receiving authorization, enrollment is carried out within 5 working days. If all the available places have been assigned, a ranking will be drawn up in the waiting list that takes into account the time required for authorization and online registration of the application.
Yes, Collegio keeps into account enrollment priority for a maximum of five business days. After that, Collegio will consider the position assignable to other candidates/candidates according to the
waiting list. These procedures, are considered necessary and binding in order to gain access to Collegio San Carlo and thus take advantage of the right of preemption over other candidates/candidates.